NADAMOO Bur3069 Wireless Barcode Scanner

  • ★USB plug-and-play, no driver installation needed.Just plug USB into USB port of your device and run a EXCEL/WORD file or other appliaction then scan,barcode is entered into the field your cursor is in.Utility cradle can be used as a receiver or a charging base.
    ★Using 433MHz Wireless Transmission Technology.Delivers up to 400m/0.24mi in open area, up to 100m/ 328ft indoor.No Data Cable Needed, freely transmit the barcode to your computer,PC etc.
    ★ Powerful matching function: supporting 3 kind of paring modes (one to one,one-to-many and many-to-one). One receiver can receive messages from 255 pieces of scanner at the same time.
    ★Two upload mode:Instant upload mode / storage mode.In storage mode,the scanner will automatically store the data in it’s own memory when the data can not upload to the computer (when the transfer distance is too far or there are other signal interruption). It guarantee the data will not be lose.Internal storage supports up to 10,000 barcodes in offline storage mode.You could upload the data to computer when you need it.
    ★We offer one year Hassle free warranty,Pack include: Scanner*1, Cradle*1,USB cable*1,Manual*1

Price: $109.99



This is a usb plug & play 433Mhz wireless barcode scanner that can read 1D linear bar codes.

Long Distance Capture

  • Compared to 2.4GHz wireless scanner, 433MHz scanner has the advantage of strong signal and long transmission distance.
  • 433MHz Wireless transmission distance can up to 100 meter / 328 ft under the obstacle environment, 400 meter / 0.25 mile in the barrier free environment.

3-IN-1 Multi-functional Cradle

  •  Wall or desk mounted
  • Offer charging capacity,when  not in use  place the scanner on the cradle where it remain  charging
  • Communicates to scanner via 433MHz Radio connectivity and receive data from the scanner.




3 Pairing Modes:

  • One Scanner - to - One Cradle: One scanner only transmits barcode to one usb cradle. Several units can work independently with different computers in the same area. If you want to use them on multiple computers, each with own scanner and cradle. They won't interface with each other during work.
  • Max.32 Scanner - to - One Cradle: Multiple scanners transmit barcode to one usb cradle. Ideal in warehourse when several people are scanning barcode to one computer. One usb cradle can connect to 32 scanners at most.
  • One Scanner - to - Max.8 Cradle: One scanner transmit barcode to multiple usb cradle at a time. That will avoid duplication of effort and save time. One scanner can connect to  8 cradle at most



2 Upload modes:

  • Normal Mode: Read barcodes & upload it straight to the file you have opened.
  • Check Mode: when using the scanner far away the wireless signal range. Activate check mode, all scanned barcode will be stored directly into the bulit-in memory of the scanner. You can upload the data to your device when you need it. Internal offline storage supports up to 100000 barcodes.

280 scans/s High Scanning Speed:
  • Processes 280 scans per second in real time, delivering superior performance.
  • Provides several scans of the symbol which increases data capture accuracy



Over 300 Configuration Options:

  • Add custom prefixes/ suffixes, delete characters.
  • Add keyboard keys/ combinations (terminator TAB, CR&LF, Home etc.) to the scanning operation. 
  • Enable or disable the barcode type as you want or turn on/off the beep as you wish.



Compatible System:

Compatible with Windows, Mac OS, Linux.

No driver needed. Out of box ready for work when the USB cradle is plugged in.

Reads barcodes and uploads it straight to Word, Excel or your own in-house software, such as Novell, Quickbook, InFlow etc.

Only work on device that has USB port, not for iPad, google tablet, smart phone etc.


Compatible Barcode Types:

UPC / EAN (include complement code), UCC / EAN128, Code128, Code39, Code 39 Full ASCII, Codabar, industrial/Interleaved 2 of 5, Code93, MSI, Code11, ISBN/ISSN, china 2 of 5, etc.

Support to read 1D UPS, USPS, FedEx, DHL, BOOK barcode.

Scanning resolution: >4mil

Can't read any barcode from Screen.
Can't read any type 2D barcode,like QR Code, PDF 417 etc.
Not suitable for reading bar code from the silver-foiled paper that reflects light.


Technical Details

Package Dimensions

8.3 x 3.1 x 3.9 inches

Item Weight

0.16 ounces

Model No.




Package Include

1* Bar Code Scanner

1* Cradle

1* Charge Cable

1* User Manual


  • Bur3069 Barcode Scanner V5 User Manual


Can i pair more than one to a single cradle?
Yes, you can pair more than one scanner to a cradle,One cradle receiver can receive messages from 255 pieces of scanner at the same time. 
does this scanner have a prescan light so you can see where you are going to scan before you pull the trigger?
in manual trigger mode, there is no prescan light. 
But it has a Continuous Scanning mode, the red laser is always on. The scanner enter into continuous reading barcode without prressing the trigger. 
Can this be used to scan a barcode from a screen like a phone or tablet? Or is it only for scanning printed barcodes?
No, I use only scanning printed barcodes by PC 
How do I pair it to my computer
Here is the pairing steps: 
(1).Scan the code "enter into settings" "restore factory setting" "exit setting" orderly to restore the scanner (on manual page 12) 
(2).unplug the receiver ,scan code "one to one" (on manual page 3) ,the scanner will go to pairing mode and have three "beep" sounds,Then plug the receiver to USB port, if the scanner has one "beep"sound in 3s that means the pairing is succeed 
(3).And scan code "normal mode" to set it to instantly upload barcode (on manual page 4) 
These configuration code is on the manual attached in the Amazon page
How can I set it up in the storage mode ? How do we retrieve the scanned codes from the storage mode ? Thanks.
Please scan the code “ upload checking data”, Then all scanned codes will appear in the file (where the cursor lies). Normally if the software has an input edit box and the cursor is blinking there,the barcode can be enter into the box. 
If you hav any question or concerns, please feel free to contact NADAMOO customer support at
Can the scanner be programed to go to the next field(enter-on keyboard) after scanning?
This scanner was set to add "enter" key after every scanning by default . You can program it by youself. That code is on page 13 of manual. 
can it scan barcodes without pressing the button?
yes,there is the configuration code “continuous scanning” on manual page 9 .
Can thie cradle be mounted on a wall?
There is a hole behind the cradle, you could mount the cradle on a wall